The smart car is coming. The first should see the day in the coming months on the roads.To make this work, manufacturers are working on developing systems that can detect and respond to hazards. This is the case with Subaru and the Eyesight system.

What is the Eyesight system?

This system developed by Subaru is a combination of several technologies. They form a program that can predict the danger and anticipate it.

Specifically, the Eyesight system includes:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control System

    Unlike standard cruise control, the EyeSight Adaptive Cruise Control adapts to the front vehicle speed. If the front car is driving slower than the speed you have selected, your car will slow down and maintain a safe distance. The adaptive EyeSight controller is even able to brake completely when needed. This function is particularly useful for traffic jams.


  • Pre-collision braking


    With the cameras in the front of the vehicle, EyeSight constantly monitors the action in front of you… even when you’re distracted! When the preceding vehicle brakes suddenly, the system will give the driver an audible warning. If he does not react, the car will automatically brake. EyeSight helps prevent a collision or greatly reduces the impact during emergency situations.


  • Pre-collision acceleration management

    To avoid accidents and unfortunate collisions, it is not enough to apply the brakes. Sometimes the impact can be avoided by releasing the accelerator.  Thanks to the EyeSight Pre-Collision Acceleration Management system, the car is able to limit the force of acceleration when the driver starts too quickly. In certain situations, for example when the front car decides to apply the brakes, the audible warning and the release of the accelerator can prevent the worst from happening.


  • Swaying and trajectory deviation warning

    The Subaru EyeSight swaying and trajectory deviation alert simply signals the driver when the vehicle is drifting off track. By identifying the markings on the ground, the car emits an audible signal and a       warning on the dashboard when the driver leaves the lane without signaling. A signal is also emitted when the driver tackles without leaving his lane.


The Eyesight system rewarded

Equipped with this Eyesight system, several Subaru vehicles have been rewarded by the IIHS for their safety. This independent organization conducts several tests to each car before giving them a rating.The higher it is, the safer your vehicle will be in the event of an accident.


Subaru models equipped with Eyesight

In the 2018 range, almost all vehicles are equipped with Eyesight technology:

  • Impreza 2018
  • Crosstrek 2018
  • Legacy 2018
  • Outback 2018
  • Forester 2018
  • WRX 2018
  • WRX STI 2018