Our parking area is open on Saturdays and Sundays.

 You are welcome to come and see our inventory, however our offices are closed on weekends,

By purchasing a lease return vehicle, you might find the perfect car you are looking for! Get a recent and well-maintained vehicle with low mileage at Subaru Métropolitain at an unbeatable price.

Our inventory of lease return vehicles changes constantly and is not available online. Many of these vehicles are returned to Subaru Canada, and others are added to our inventory of certified used vehicles – so make sure you seize the opportunity before it passes!

To discover our available vehicles, head to Subaru Métropolitain. Many new vehicles are made available every day in our parking area with a “not yet for sale” tag. One of them could be your next good deal!

Why purchase a lease return vehicle?

  • It has belonged to one person only
  • Well-maintained
  • Low mileage (maximum of 24 000 km/ year)
  • The price is fixed according to the vehicle’s residual value
  • It is often still under guarantee