You want your vehicle to regain the splendor it had when it came out of the dealership the first time? Call our aesthetic automotive department at Montréal Subaru Métropolitain dealership. Our team of experts will restore your Subaru and give it back the gloss and the look it had when it came out of the assembly line. You want more information or request a quote? Contact us without delay. We will be happy to advise and serve you.

Bronze Package

  • Interior wash with shampoo

Seat and carpet wash with a specific shampoo for a deep cleaning.

  • Exterior wash

Washing with high pressure jet and hand finishing for a sublime result.

  • Normal price $249.00

Silver Package

  • Bronze Package

  • Engine wash

The Boxer engine is an asset of your Subaru, offer it the cleaning it deserves.

  • UV protective coating and finishing wax

For a long-lasting result, we apply an UV protective coating and finishing wax to protect your Subaru for a long time.

  • Normal price $329.00

Gold Package

  • Silver Package

  • Polishing treatment

Say goodbye to the small imperfections in your car body with this treatment.

  • Finishing wax including headlamp treatment

We will apply a specific wax for your headlamps, guaranteeing you long-term protection.

  • Normal price $379.00

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