You’re leasing a vehicle and looking to change for another model? Subaru Métropolitain offers you to trade your leased vehicle for a new one, even if it’s from another brand or another dealer. No need to wait until the end of your lease. Start driving your brand new vehicle now! Fill out our form for more information.

Here is an overview of the different options offered by Subaru Métropolitain for your lease return.

Trade Your Leased Vehicle for a New Subaru

Option 1: Return your leased vehicle and lease a new one

You wish to re-experience the amazing feeling of driving a brand new vehicle? Subaru Métropolitain offers an extensive selection of the most recent Subaru vehicles. This way, you can take advantage of the latest technological innovations and a modern design, while also fulfilling your desire for novelty. Browse our vehicle inventory or contact us for more information.

Option 2: Buy your leased vehicle

Want to become the owner of your leased vehicle so you can continue driving it, or resell it? With Subaru Métropolitain, it’s possible. We estimate your vehicle’s residual value and offer you buy-back options at a very good price. Want more information or an estimate? Contact our team today!

Option 3: Return your leased vehicle

Once your lease has ended, you have the option of simply returning your leased vehicle. And with the help of our experts, it’s easy! Simply book an appointment at our dealership. If your vehicle’s state and mileage are in conformity with your lease requirements, your lease return will be taken care of in no time. Subaru Métropolitain offers you peace of mind! Contact us for an appointment or for more information.